We have developed a technology on how to measure urban parameters in widespread, constant, and most effective manner, resulting in Big Data and AI implementation.

We establish a network of autonomous multi sensors to scan the city.

By installing multi-micro sensors of the latest technology on vehicles such as taxis, ride-hilling cars, public transport etc., we create a network of advanced mobile laboratories. While these vehicles continuously roam the city, we scan the area and collect detailed data about environment on a high contrast and multi-channel platform.


Our proprietary data blending and analysis system can provide a broad variety of data and insights, from air pollution to traffic patterns, from road conditions, to local infrastructure problems. The novel concept enables, a cost-effective solution for the urgent need of city administrators, policymakers, and residents to make decisions based on actual real-time data, insights, and knowledge.


We provide the most comprehensive way to measure the city and make our cities, for the first time, smart and sustainable, without a huge investment in costly monitoring equipment.

With Sparrow, every city can collect a variety of data related to the city management with minimal effort and at relatively low cost. It provides a novel methodology for sustainability, creating a self-assessment standard that can be implemented anywhere in the world.


The system is able to measure and monitor a broad variety of parameters those are crucial to monitor for effective management of the city, and for informed decisions making. These factors are divided into four major groups: 1) Air Quality – all the relevant air pollution variables, such as CO2, NO2 and Particulate Matter (PM). and many others; 2) Traffic and Vehicles Data – traffic congestion, traffic patterns, road quality; 3) Noise – level, origin and type of noise; 4) and other urban aspects, including, gas leaks, radiation, and many others.





The sensors deployed on vehicles provide data measurements in real-time, on a constant basis, 24-7. The high-resolution measurement, is done for various parameters on the street level. Depending on the parameter, the measurements is taken up to 10 seconds periodicity. Such approach in combination with precise GPS position allows building “high-resolution” map of different pollutants and other urban parameters.