Become a partner and have access to the limitless world of opportunities woven with big data


We partner with government to help policymakers understanding the city environment for better actions and effective policies. From congestion charges to pollution taxes, city administration can better determine necessity, ratios and geographic limits. With real-time data flow, it is possible to compare the before and after picture and get feedback and actions. It also creates grounds for the government to justify financial support for other clean air projects as their effectiveness can be measured only by a high-scale measurement.


We closely work with academic organizations to give them an opportunity to reach the data which is not available anywhere else. Brilliant scientists and research teams can now see the real-time and high-resolution data to understand the transformation of the environment. We strive to maintain two-way information flow – providing real intelligence and receive research results. Thanks to this strategy we can improve and develop our system further for better performance. At the same time provide field test and information laboratory to scientists and research teams.


Our novel technology creates a fabric of data woven through the city for evaluation of the environment and life quality. There cannot be a better opportunity for industrial companies to make field tests and get feedback of their product and service quality. We are open to cooperation with commercial companies for information and material exchange to create a mutually beneficial interaction. From sensor producers to GSM operators we have the possibility to help many industries to unlock the many opportunities. 

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