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ITU Standard for Smart Cities by Sparrow

Just a bit less than one year ago in July 2020, Sparrow submitted its first contribution to ITU, proposing to develop a new ITU standard: ‘A Methodology for Next-Generation Urban Measurements’.

This proposal was accepted by ITU-T Study Group 20 and over the following months, Sparrow worked hard to identify the most important items for the future standard.

The latest version of the draft standard includes a general description of the need for urban measurements to assist cities in their self-assessments using KPIs, supported by a case study of cities working to introduce real-time assessments of environmental performance.

The main journey is just about to begin! Sparrow invites all smart city stakeholders to contribute to this case study to build a full picture of the exciting innovation underway in urban measurements around the world.

Click here to read the full article on ITU News about Sparrow’s journey as a company and ITU member.

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We proudly announce the first images of our novel Multi Micro Sensor Box (MMSB).

// Design

MMSB – is a unique Sparrow’s design and development for the most comprehensive way for urban measurements. It is designed to attach to any vehicle for high-resolution scanning while the vehicle is moving through the city. A magnetic plate with a robust power cable makes it easy to securely install or safely remove it just in 10 seconds. Its sleek sportscar-like aerodynamic design aims to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid an increase in fuel consumption of the car. 

// Measurements

Measurements are performed by the state-of-the-art Gas Sampling system to measure SO2, NO2, O3 and CO content along with the Particulates Sensor of PM1, PM2.5, PM10 sensitivity. Embedded GPS and Accelerometer track car movement and generate the Air and Road Pavement Quality map. In addition, MMSB features the Noise Pollution measurement and recognition module and mobile network radio frequency scanner. All MMSB functionalities and parameters — such as data, power management, magnetic and radio interference — are monitored to ensure secure and reliable operation. 

// Electronics

MMSB is designed for the harsh outdoor environment and long service life. Powerful microcomputer with internal active cooling system expands MMSB implementation potential to cover customized solutions such as adding advanced sensors and camera systems. The internal battery keeps it fully operational even if the car engine is temporarily stopped. MMSB features remote management, programming and diagnostics capabilities without interference with routine car operations. Furthermore, we nurture the idea of the onboard AI software to interpret and process the collected data before sending it to the server.

Currently, Sparrow Model 2 (MMSB) is the best solution available for high-resolution environmental tracking and mapping.

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Sparrow at Smart Cities Summit

Sparrow, represented by Maxim Interbrick, the COO, has joined Smart Cities Summit as one of the sponsors of the event which has taken place on the 14th of April. Maxim was one of the Smart Cities Summit speakers at the event where many issues and challenges were discussed. It was an amazing opportunity to get together and discuss one of the most important subjects for Cities – How, actually, to measure the real KPIs for Smart and Sustainable Cities.

What is Smart Cities Summit about?

How do cities plan for population growth whilst meeting carbon reduction plans? What can city leaders do to ensure that the next stage of city development is inclusive & improves liveability? How can cities prepare for a post-COVID-19 world?

Just some of the questions that will be up for discussion & debate at the second edition of Smart Cities Sofa Summit.

Bringing together city leaders from across the globe to showcase how smarter cities will lead the way to a healthier & more sustainable future.

For more information about Smart Cities Summit please visit https://www.sofasummits.com/smart-cities

Sparrow is collaborating with SABRA

Sparrow is excited to announce its collaboration with the SABRA (Air Quality and Noise department) of Geneva, Switzerland. The main goal of this pilot will be showing how profoundly Sparrow can measure Air Quality and Noise across the streets of Geneva. We are going to measure:

  • PM 1/2.5/10, CO2, O3, NO2
  • Temperature and Humidity 
  • Noise exposure 

Sparrow’s project approved by Innosuisse

Sparrow’s project approved by Innosuisse

Sparrow project has been approved for Innosuisse check in amount of CHF 15,000. The support is provided by the federal government of Switzerland to start-ups for research and development purposes.

Sparrow team will use this opportunity to complete R&D process and improve the design for the of the product.

September 9, 2020

Sparrow became associate in ITU-T Study Group 20

Sparrow became part of ITU-T Standardization Sector, which assembles experts from around the world to develop international standards known as ITU-T recommendations, which act as defining elements of the global infrastructure of information and communication technologies. Sparrow will work on standardisation methodology of Environmental measurement at Urban areas. Sparrow will  help cities to become Smart and Sustainable.

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