Professor Prashant Kumar joined Sparrow

We are pleased and excited to announce that Professor Prashant Kumar has joined the Advisory Board of Sparrow. His contribution to Sparrow in terms of technical knowledge and professional network will be great assets for Sparrow. With his decades of experience in air pollution, aerosol studies, and climate change, we aim to reach new heights […]

ITU Standard for Smart Cities by Sparrow

Just a bit less than one year ago in July 2020, Sparrow submitted its first contribution to ITU, proposing to develop a new ITU standard: ‘A Methodology for Next-Generation Urban Measurements’. This proposal was accepted by ITU-T Study Group 20 and over the following months, Sparrow worked hard to identify the most important items for […]

We proudly announce the first images of our novel Multi Micro Sensor Box (MMSB).

// Design MMSB – is a unique Sparrow’s design and development for the most comprehensive way for urban measurements. It is designed to attach to any vehicle for high-resolution scanning while the vehicle is moving through the city. A magnetic plate with a robust power cable makes it easy to securely install or safely remove […]

Sparrow at Smart Cities Summit

Sparrow, represented by Maxim Interbrick, the COO, has joined Smart Cities Summit as one of the sponsors of the event which has taken place on the 14th of April. Maxim was one of the Smart Cities Summit speakers at the event where many issues and challenges were discussed. It was an amazing opportunity to get […]

Sparrow is collaborating with SABRA

Sparrow is excited to announce its collaboration with the SABRA (Air Quality and Noise department) of Geneva, Switzerland. The main goal of this pilot will be showing how profoundly Sparrow can measure Air Quality and Noise across the streets of Geneva. We are going to measure: PM 1/2.5/10, CO2, O3, NO2 Temperature and Humidity  Noise […]

Sparrow’s project approved by Innosuisse

Sparrow project has been approved for Innosuisse check in amount of CHF 15,000. The support is provided by the federal government of Switzerland to start-ups for research and development purposes. Sparrow team will use this opportunity to complete R&D process and improve the design for the of the product.

Sparrow became associate in ITU-T Study Group 20

Sparrow became part of ITU-T Standardization Sector, which assembles experts from around the world to develop international standards known as ITU-T recommendations, which act as defining elements of the global infrastructure of information and communication technologies. Sparrow will work on standardisation methodology of Environmental measurement at Urban areas. Sparrow will  help cities to become Smart and […]