Taking Environment Measurement to another level


Taking Environment Measurement to another level

// Air & Noise Pollution

Sparrow is capable of delivering detailed information about environment status and help to detect pollution on hyper local level.

Fixed Stations

Fixed stations can measure up to 50 m radius. Beyond that distance, all data is simulated and does not reflect real situation. 

Sparrow System

Thanks to high-resolution real-time scanning, it is possible to detect anomalies on hyper-local level.

// Mapping and Navigation

Locations and routes with less pollution

Air and noise pollution may vary from street to street due to the structure of buildings, the geography of the city, the direction of the wind and many other parameters.

Continuous environment measurement with precise GPS position creates high-resolution data which allows users and policymakers to take proper decisions in terms of managing risks connected to pollution.

// GSM Network

Measuring QOS (Quality of Service) for GSM Operators

Leverage the service quality by detection of geographic sports with poor signal and low connection speed. Many factors from construction obstacles to weather conditions may effect the network quality. With the comprehensive detailed map, we can help the operators to optimize the number and location of the stations and decrease capital and maintenance costs.

// Real Estate Evaluation

Analytics based on real numbers

Everything is measurable, even life quality. We developed this measurement to help the real estate buyers and renters to understand the quality of life in the location before making decision. No value is left hidden with precision metrics which helps to differentiate the real value of the location.