// Our Story

The dream of creating a network of autonomous multi-sensors for providing continuous and real-time measurement to understand our environment and create simple solutions.

After launching first business, the founders joined together to analyse the patterns of movement of the taxis. The idea was to use a special algorithm to read accelerometer of mobile devices to calculate the standard deviation of the vibrations and measure the road quality as per International Roughness Index (IRI). To their surprise, taxis covered the city within noticeably short time and provided enough data to create a high-resolution map of roads with exact location of road irregularities. After contacts with MIT, we found that besides the road quality, the air quality also may vary from street to street and that there is no way to ensure compliance without continuous scanning.

Many universities and start-ups tried to solve the problem by few vehicles and simple sensor setups. It became obvious that to succeed there must be many vehicles, multi-micro sensors for many parameters, a unified standard for data collection and AI analysis. We have decided to create an ecosystem with centralized data processing and a network of mobile multi-micro sensors to scan in compliance with approved standards by ITU. This way, we can teach our machines to detect many anomalies and help the relevant bodies to eliminate them before they cause any major effect on human life. Thus, the Sparrow data collection and analysis idea was born.

// About the company

As a young startup established in Switzerland, we dedicate ourselves to exploring news opportunities and executing complex technology projects.

Our vision is to become a global platform for data collection, harvesting and computing for populated environments.

// Core Team

18 years of commercial experience. 8 years of executive position in various businesses. MBA in energy and trading.

Maxim Interbrick


22 years of entrepreneur experience. 15 years of experience in digital platforms. Founder of many companies in this field.

Vakhtang Gegechkori


20 years of project management and full-stack developing experience. System developer and data processing.



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