// Our Story

The dream of creating a network of autonomous multi-sensors for providing continuous and real-time measurement to understand our environment and create simple solutions.

After successful execution of Advixta, an entertainment and advertising system and online platform for taxis, Uber and similar public passenger cars, it did not take much time to realise how taxis move around the city and create a pattern of routes in a noticeably short time. The idea has born to place sensors on public transport vehicles to scan the city while they are doing their job. 

Right after the first test in November 2019 in Geneva, the results were astonishing – in just 36 hours the whole city of Geneva was scanned and in just 30 days over 1 million km of road data was obtained. The project was named after the bird sparrow which is best known for its adaption to city life and robust anatomy. Probably the best animal in the city who knows each inch of the city and can sense the environment.

// About the company

As a young startup established in Geneva, Switzerland, we dedicate ourselves to exploring news opportunities and executing complex technology projects.

Our vision is to become a global platform for data collection, harvesting and computing for populated environments.

// Core Team

18 years of commercial experience. 8 years of executive position in various businesses. MBA in energy and trading.

Maxim Interbrick


22 years of entrepreneur experience. 15 years of experience in digital platforms. Founder of many companies in this field.

Vakhtang Gegechkori


20 years of project management and full-stack developing experience. System developer and data processing.