Sparrow at Smart Cities Summit

Sparrow, represented by Maxim Interbrick, the COO, has joined Smart Cities Summit as one of the sponsors of the event which has taken place on the 14th of April. Maxim was one of the Smart Cities Summit speakers at the event where many issues and challenges were discussed. It was an amazing opportunity to get together and discuss one of the most important subjects for Cities – How, actually, to measure the real KPIs for Smart and Sustainable Cities.

What is Smart Cities Summit about?

How do cities plan for population growth whilst meeting carbon reduction plans? What can city leaders do to ensure that the next stage of city development is inclusive & improves liveability? How can cities prepare for a post-COVID-19 world?

Just some of the questions that will be up for discussion & debate at the second edition of Smart Cities Sofa Summit.

Bringing together city leaders from across the globe to showcase how smarter cities will lead the way to a healthier & more sustainable future.

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